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What you should know about watches:



Water resistance,


The watches have a silicone or reinforced imitation leather strap and metal watches.

The watch movement is battery-powered, quartz, Curren, K&T, Amber Time brand made in China.


Behind the dial (crown) for setting the watch, remove the white safety plastic (if present), turn the dial to set the time, and then press the dial until it clicks. The clock will start. (Until the scroll wheel is pressed, the large pointer may occasionally move freely.)

If you need to reset the clock, pull out the dial for one or (depending on the model) two clicks, then the clock will stop. After setting the time, press the scroll key to watch.

The "push buttons" (if any) on your watches are for decorative purposes only.

The indicator lights on the dial and the km counter are just decorations.

The watch is not waterproof, with the exception of Curren watches.


In all cases, I will pack the watches carefully wrapped together with an invoice. I guarantee the defects of the watches for 6 months. During this period, if the watch breaks down, I will repair the watch free of charge, or if repair is not possible!